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Differential Diagnosis to the Acute Porphyria 
(some are also signs which occur in an Acute Porphyria)

by Thomas G. DeLoughery MD for Medscape
(comments in parentheses are added from other sources)

*Abdominal abscess
*Abdominal angina
inal Hernias
*Acute Gastritis
*Acute Mesenteric Ischemia
*Acute Pancreatitis (also seen in Acute Porphyria)
*Acute Pyelonephritis
*Adrenal Carcinoma
*Amebic Hepatic 
*Aortic Dissection
*Bilary Disease
*Cholecystitis (seen in Acute Porphyria)
*Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women
*Colonic Obstruction (seen in Acute Porphyria)
*Constipation (seen in Acute Porphyria)
*Diabetic Ketoacidosis (other source)
*Diverticulitis (documented in Acute Porphyria)

*Emergent management of lead Toxicity
*Emphysematous *Cholecystitis
*Endometriosis (commonly seen in females with Acute Porphyria)
*Familial Mediterranean Fever
*Gallbladder Empyema (Gall bladder issues are seen in the Porphyria's as well)
*Gallstones (well documented in the Porphyria's)
*Gastric outlet obstruction
*Huntington Disease (obtained from another source)
*Hypertension (occurs frequently in acute Porphyria attacks)

*Imaging in Emphysematous *Pyelonephritis
*Intestinal Motility Disorders (often seen in Acute Porphyria) 
*Irritable Bowel Syndrome
*Nerve Entrapment Syndromes
*Ovarian Cysts (fairly commonly seen in females with Acute Porphyria)
*Pelvic Inflammatory 
*Pheochromocytoma (Dr. Run Yu MD Phd 2016 obtained from other source)
Portal Vein Obstruction

rehabilitation and *Fibromyalgia
*Wilson's Disease (obtained from another source)


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